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Why Upgrade with PTS Communications.

With over 20 years experience PTS Communications specialises in providing professional consultative services to determine and assess your business needs and propose the best solution for your Company.

Established in 1994, our long term customer relations is testament to our commitment of providing only the highest level of personalised support services.

No two companies operate exactly the same. The workforce model is changing regularly thus the need for flexible and adaptable communications options for your staff.  The PTS Communications approach in defining your requirements correctly will ensure maximum value in your investment in the short term and the lowest cost ownership over the long term.

Our support team are accredited and certified. PTS offer flexible support options to our customers, these options allow you to tailor the support level to suite your business.  PTS Communications supports and manages customers across Australia and Internationally.


PTS Communications present and provide the latest technology that is scalable, highly reliable and remain relevant over the long term.

We ensures prospective clients and customers are well informed to decide on a solution or products that will enhance business and staff performance.


PTS Communications will  create long term business relations by providing professional and ethical consulting backed by high quality products and support.

We aim to retain our happy customers by providing personal assistance and support. Testament to this are PTS customers on their second or third generation of communications solutions over 24 years with us.


We provide our customers with world class products and future enhancements
to continually improve the way their business systems operate and perform.

PTS Communications is aligned with market leaders in communications, vist our product partner page to view some of these.


PTS Communications provide a high level of support locally, nationally and internationally.  Affiliation with vendors ensures you are guaranteed of a high level of resolution.

With a range of support options you can determine a level to meet the needs of your business.  Don’t have internal resources? Let us take care of your communications for you.


  • 1994
    customer loyalty

    Established in 1994, PTS has outstanding customer loyalty as a result of the service provided to clients during all phases of their business cycle.

  • 2005
    First Qualified Reseller

    ShoreTel appointed PTS as the first qualified reseller in Australia.

  • 2008
    Awarded by ShoreTel

    PTS awarded by ShoreTel as Partner of the year based on customer satisfaction.

  • 2012
    Continued Customer Satisfaction

    PTS awarded by ShoreTel for continued customer satisfaction.

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