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Move your Phone System to the Cloud?

Considering a Cloud Phone System? Subscribing to a monthly service for business phone systems is now possible with MiCloud Connect. All calls but international  numbers, Line Charges, 24/7 support, Moves and Changes, Ergonomic Handsets, CRM Integration.

Why Move Your Phone System To The Cloud?
Focus on Strategic Projects:

If your IT resources are being wasted on business phone administration, consider migrating your phone system to the cloud.

24/7 Support

Fully Hosted, End to End

Complete Business Communication Solution

Robust Features

Premium Customer Service

Automatic updates, 24/7 support


Mobility and Uniformity

Work is no longer a place (or an office) , it’s what you do. As we become increasingly mobile and working remotely becomes more common, companies are looking for more efficient ways to keep their team united even when they are physically apart.

Simple Deployment, plug-and-play

Browser-based administrative interface

Scalable for staff fluctuations or seasonal staff

Mobility App


Agility and Scalability

Your phone system needs to adapt to the needs of your business.

A Cloud Solution eliminate worries about capacity planning, software and hardware upgrades and is easily scalable, up or down, to meet organisational needs.

Most importantly, clients only pay for what they use.

Third Party Integration – CRMs

IM (Instant Messaging)


Contact Centre

Single Vendor

Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based business phone systems offer a built-in disaster recovery for businesses.

Your business deserves the highest level of service availability. As an enterprise-class, managed hosted solution, Mitel understands that businesses demand enterprise-class data integrity, application reliability and physical safeguards. That’s why we invest in several levels of redundancy and load balanced system hardware to ensure business continuity and maximum uptime for your business.

Mitel also offers a service level agreement (SLA) guarantee with our private cloud circuit connection, E1 or MPLS prioritized for voice carriage.

To know more about our Cloud Business Phones Systems with MiCloud Connect, download the materials below:

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