Movie chain Hoyts dials up $300,000 annual savings with ShoreTel


Cinemas like to make money by overcharging at the candy bar, but technology has given them another way to make money: by saving it.itwire

Movie theatres are still big business these days, despite Blu-rays, ever larger flat-screen TVs, legal streaming services, Google Glass-wearers and even piracy.

shoretel_logoThat said, it hasn’t been an easy time for cinemas either, and so when there’s an opportunity to save money, it comes as no surprise to see companies taking advantage of it.

What Hoyts has done is to get the hots for ShoreTel’s Unified Communications (UC) and Enterprise Contact Centre (ECC) solution and deploying it across 50 sites in Australia and New Zealand for over 2300 staff.

In doing so, and since completion of the project, Hoyts is reporting it has ‘achieved a return on investment (ROI) within nine months, and has calculated annual savings of more than $300,000 from its new ShoreTel UC infrastructure.’

That would buy a lot of popcorn!

The deployment was done in three phases, and started off with the installation of ShoreTel’s UC and ECC solution during Hoyts’ Sydney head office relocation – a time when everything’s going to be ripped up and ordinarily re-installed, anyway.

Then, this deployment ‘was extended to its head office in New Zealand after Hoyts’ acquisition of the Berkley Cinema Group, with Hoyts then beginning the rollout to its Australian and New Zealand cinemas over a six month period, as its existing PABX maintenance contracts in each location reached their expiry dates.’

Hoyts Cinema Technology Group GM, Adam Wrightson, noted that Hoyts ‘was looking for an IP telephony solution that provided the company with the modularity and high scalability to meet both the needs of its centralised head office function and also Hoyts’ increasingly diversified and geographically disparate business’, while wanting ‘an easy to use, robust system providing increased efficiency at the lowest total cost of ownership.’

Rights said: “We evaluated all of the key players in the space, including hosted, hardware and software-based IP telephony options, and ShoreTel was the clear winner.

“Its functionality, ease of use, ease of management, modularity and scalability was compelling.

“Even more compelling was the unified communications feature set we could unlock in the future without significant additional cost or effort.”

Jamie Romanin, MD of ShoreTel in Australia/NZ said: “Hoyts’ use of ShoreTel’s technology platform shows how you can take advantage of the simplicity of our architecture for reliability and scalability, and also use the flexibility of the environment to deliver real innovation and also significant cost savings.”

Besides’s ShoreTel’s provision of ‘all voice communications, Hoyts is currently using ShoreTel ECC for its inbound customer service operations, across both its core cinema business, and also for Hoyts Kiosk, self-service DVD rental kiosks which are currently in over 600 locations across Australia.’

The company reports that it ‘operates a distributed contact centre operation with customer service agents in head office, at its cinemas and at home.’

Unsurprisingly, the Hoyts Cinema Technology Group (CTG) division is also supported by ShoreTel’s contact centre platform, with Hoyts CTG providing ‘both internal support for digital cinema technology and traditional IT, as well as outsourced services to exhibitors and other companies across ANZ requiring support for digital cinema and related technologies.’

One of ShoreTel’s Sydney-based partners, PTS Communications, was responsible for deployment in Australia, while ShoreTel certified systems integrator Business Technology Group (BTG) completed the rollout in New Zealand.

It’s not ‘The End’ of the story either, with a sequel planned as is often the case in great movie franchises. The future will see Hoyts extending ‘the collaborative capabilities of its ShoreTel technology’, with even more sequels planned ‘to take advantage of new products as they are released.’

Hoyts’ Wrightson said: “With a diversified business, there is always a potential risk that communications could become increasingly disconnected. However, with ShoreTel, we have a truly unified communications infrastructure, that will continue to provide us with our communications needs and collaborative capabilities into the future.

“The modularity and flexibility of the ShoreTel platform enables us to continue to diversify our operations with the comfort of knowing that our communications will not just keep pace with business change, but will actively support it.”

Sounds like a blockbuster success!

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