Unified Communications

How can your business benefit from Unified Communications?

There’s no denying that effective communication lies at the heart of every successful business.

Companies must adopt powerful strategies to stay ahead of the game, particularly in this competitive environment that’s shaped by ongoing digital innovation. A strong communications system is key to boosting performance, streamlining operations and building relationships with customers.

Unified Communications (UC) delivers a new solution that incorporates useful apps and features into a secure platform that’s easy to use – and keeps your staff and customers in contact across a range of devices including telephony, mobile, PC, tablets and wearable devices.


What can Unified Communications do for you?

There are many advantages to integrating real-time enterprise communication services (such as instant messaging, phone calls and video conferences) with non-real time methods (email, voicemail, SMS and more).


Boost productivity by enabling your staff to work from anywhere

It’s now common for staff to work remotely and have the ability to work anywhere combined with the need for flexible working hours Thanks to the freedom that technology provides, Unified Communications enhances the way people communicate when they’re not in the same room, via channels such as instant chat, video conferences and email.

Businesses often waste money on various conferencing services, which generate poor user experiences. UC supports high-definition video and web conferencing, as well as other communication tools that can be arranged at a moment’s notice.

Staff can conveniently access this unified platform of services from different locations, using whatever device they have on hand (traditional phones, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones).


Save money

This rich and flexible system is easy to implement and maintain, keeping costs down for your company. Merging different features and apps into a single and secure platform eliminates islands of communication – transforming the way your company shares information.

In comparison, running an application development platform from a traditional phone system requires extra staff and the construction of huge server farms – an expensive, time-consuming and complicated process.


Ease of management

UC boosts transparent relationships between staff. There are a variety of communication modes, which you can select based on your availability.

You can set your own status to unavailable if you’re focusing on a critical task, or allow your outlook calendar to dictate your online presence. You may even want to restrict your availability to some callers while giving others your full attention.

You can also check the availability of colleagues based on their status, which means you can select the least disruptive communication method if they’re busy.


Streamline operations, save time

A powerful Unified Communications system streamlines operations and saves time by efficiently organising information in a single platform.

For example, receiving a call from a particular client could trigger an immediate pop-up screen within your CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) providing immediate access and visibility to critical customer information before the call even connects. This saves time on both ends and reduces errors.

It also boosts the level of personalised attention you’re giving to clients, colleagues or stakeholders, which translates to higher satisfaction for everyone involved.


Why ShoreTel?

ShoreTel has a strong track record when it comes to delivering effective UC solutions. From the release of its first IP-based phone system in 1996 to today’s wide range of Unified Communications and Communications Platform as a Service (CSaaP) Solutions, ShoreTel is consistently ranked as a market leader and out performs our competition on Flexibility, Customer Satisfaction and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

They’ve created a feature-rich, easy to use solution combined with a unique IP architecture and a wide range of application integrations with various platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, Dynamics, Salesforce and many others. As a trusted ShoreTel partner, we apply the best strategies to enhance and streamline the way your business operates.

PTS Communications can deliver onsite, cloud and hybrid solutions from a single platform to meet all your communication needs.

Feel free to contact us so we can find the best solution for your business.

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