Your company has more options than ever when it comes to a new business phone system. With an onsite business phone system, you can retain full operational management and control of your service.

Why choose an onsite phone system with Mitel?

If your IT team are accustomed to manage and maintain an onsite communication system, you may want to consider managing the service in-house.

Having full control over your business phone systems means control over data security, management and all other upgrades.

Rest assured that in the event assistance is required PTS Communications can work with your team to resolve programming needs.

Leverage Current Investments

Are you running your own data systems? Then ShoreTel onsite deployment is a perfect solution for you. Deploying a virtualized communications platform on your industry-standard x86 servers makes good sense and increases your data centre ROI. With ShoreTel, it’s all possible.

Capitalize your expenses

Does your company prefer to capitalize major expenses? Then an on-premise business phone system can be an excellent investment – if you choose the right vendor.

You need to look at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which is an important metric when researching for on-site business communications options. ShoreTel, by far has the lowest TCO when it comes to business phone systems. SIP offers additional opportunities to save on telecommunications costs by working with your onsite phone system.

International Operations

You are probably looking for an on-site phone solution if your company has international locations or locations in remote areas. Global organisations want to control their call handling and because in some locations the internet services are poor, an on-site business phone systems is preferable.

To know more about our Unified Communications offering, download the materials below:

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